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Since 1947

1947 Lien Chieh Machinery was founded by Mr. C. L. Wang
1950 Manufactured Hydraulic Table Lifters and Power units
1960 First Multiple Platen Press for Plywood was developed
1970 First Drawing Press was manufactured for Taiwan's automotive industry
1980 First Laminating Press was manufactured for the Printed Circuit Board industry
1990 Established manufacturing facility in Yang Mei (Factory Area: 15,000 M2)
1996 Manufactured Drawing Press with CE certification
1997 ISO 9002
1998 Signed License Agreement with AIDA Engineering Ltd. Japan and manufactured a series of 400~600 ton Mechanical Presses
2003 ISO 9001
2005 Signed exclusive Sales Agreement with Enprotech Mechanical Services Inc. for North American
2007 First Chassis Forming Press with table area 12,000 x 1,000 mm was delivered to India
2008 12,000 ton Hot Forging Press was delivered to a customer in Taiwan for manufacturing aluminum wheel
2009 2,500 ton Die Tryout Press with table area 4,600 x 2,500 mm was delivered to Ford Mexico
2012 Installed 8,000 ton Hot Forging Press in Taiwan for manufacturing aluminum wheels
2013 2,000 ton Hydraulic Press was delivered to Japanese customer for manufacturing mining vehicle components


Factory of LCM Factory of LCM
Factory of LCM Factory of LCM

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