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High-Speed Press Excellence

All of it made Possible with the Hydraulic Press

LCM is dedicated to custom-building hydraulic presses, high speed presses, and servo mechanical presses to meet the press application and technical requirements of our customers.

Every hydraulic press manufactured by LCM incorporates advanced hydraulic press technology and is designed with precision to ensure optimal performance. Our extensive range of hydraulic presses includes die spotting press, die tryout press, deep drawing press, forging press, cold press, hot press, hemming press, forming press,hydroforming press, plywood press, SMC press, shipyard presses, shipbuilding presses, high speed press, and servo mechanical press.

LCM's hydraulic presses are equipped with standard features that guarantee safety, efficiency, and reliability.

These features include slide safety locks, safety light curtains, Bosch Rexroth pumps, European cylinder seals and packings, Teco Westinghouse high efficiency motors, customizable HMI screen and functions, fault monitoring on the hydraulic system through HMI display, and sound levels below 83 dB when operating at full tonnage.

Our commitment to continuous research and development allows us to incorporate the latest technological advancements into our hydraulic press designs. This ensures that our customers have access to cutting-edge hydraulic presses that enable them to stay ahead in the industry. Furthermore, our dedicated support staff provides excellent after-sales services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our high speed presses and servo mechanical presses.

With thousands of LCM hydraulic presses in operation worldwide, we take pride in delivering exceptional daily performance and reliable service to our valued customers. Contact us today to experience the quality and precision of LCM hydraulic presses.

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