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PCB and CCL Laminating Hot Press

LCM PCB/CCL/Laminating Press

Tonnage: 720 ton, 8 Openings
Platen Area: 1220 x 1370 mm

PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses


Strategically located in one of the most impressive PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and CCL (Copper Clad Laminate) manufacturing economies, Taiwan, Lien Chieh has become one of the premier providers of PCB and CCL related press machinery. By always utilizing the latest technologies we have been able to develop a wide range of industry-leading and customizable PCB and CCL laminating press machines. Within this range of highly specialized presses, we are also able to manufacture laminating presses that can attach laminate polymers onto surfaces for a variety of applications.

PCB presses can be designed to meet a wide range of printed circuit board applications, with the most popular model being the PCB laminating presses. These press machines are very efficient, can be designed with a range of different platen areas and capacities. With precision controls that efficiently regulate the machine’s pressures and temperature settings, our press machines can efficiently perform multi-layer laminating for large-scale production runs.

With the possibility of installing both hot and cold CCL and PCB laminating presses with automatic loading systems, we are able to develop highly efficient and productivity-enhancing solutions for our customers. With up to 40 openings per press and capacities in excess of 3,000tons, we produce a comprehensive range of PCB and CCL laminating presses.


Our range of specialized PCB and CCL laminating presses include CCL laminating vacuum hot presses, hot and cold presses and expert PCB laminating presses. All of these hydraulic presses can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems which massively increases productivity, cuts down on expensive labor costs and increases workfloor safety.

PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses - 3500 ton
Tonnage: 3500 ton, 20 Openings
Platen Area: 1370 x 2300 mm
PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses
PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses
PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses
PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses
PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses  


PCB and CCL laminating presses are most commonly used in the processing of printed circuit boards, copper clad laminate and the lamination of a variety of surfaces. These presses can be highly customized to perform a range of functions for many different materials.

PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses - Application    PCB/CCL/Laminating Presses - Application


Lien Chieh can manufacture PCB and CCL laminating presses in sizes ranging between 200 and 3,000tons or more. By being able to customize the number of openings, platen area and stroke size, are we able to construct a machine that exactly meets your precision lamination requirements.

No. of Opening Capacity Stroke Platen Area Distance Between Platen Ascending Speed Descending Speed
ton mm mm mm mm/min mm/min
1~15 200~2000 1500~21000 Please Specify 100~140 1000 1000
20 200~2000 2000~2800 100~140 1200 1200
25 2000 or › 2500~3500 100~140 1200 1200
30 2000 or › 3000~4200 100~140 1200 1200
35 2000 or › 3500~4900 100~140 1200 1200
40 3000 or › 4000~5600 100~140 1400 1400

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