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Tonnage: 1000 ton
Bolster Area: 2500 x 1250 mm



The most common choice for high-volume and high strength composite parts molding are SMC, GMT and BMC press machines. Using these types of presses, matched metal dies are mounted within a molding press and using extremely high pressures, complex components can be molded into place. These presses are extremely well suited for the shaping of complex shapes which include ribs, bosses and inserts.

SMC and related presses are most often used in the automotive, aviation and construction industries for the molding of precision parts. With SMC, GMT and BMC presses, the most frequently used materials include fiberglass, carbon fiber, reinforced thermoplastics and other composite materials. All our hydraulic SMC and related molding presses can be operated both automatically and semi-automatically for added versatility and come with digitally-controlled temperature controllers for optimum performance.

As we are able to fully customize our outstanding range of SMC, GMT and BMC press machines, our customers can be sure to receive high quality presses tailor-made to meet their precision molding requirements. Moreover with SMC and related press machines, color compounds can be easily used, in-mold coatings are easy to apply and trimming and finishing costs are very small. When looking for a custom made and highly efficient SMC, GMT or BMC press, look no further than Lien Chieh.




These types of presses are used in the fast and efficient molding of complex automotive parts, aviation components and other specialized parts. By being able to mold complex shapes in one go using very strong and lightweight composite components, these types of presses ideal are for high-end car bodywork.

SMC/GMT/BMC Presses - Application


Lien Chieh typically designs SMC presses with maximum capacities between 250 and 3,000tons, but larger sizes over 3,500tons are available on request. Also the stripping capacities and the size of the bolster area can be customized to our clients’ wishes. See below for a detailed look at the specifications.

Model Capacity Bolster Area Stripping Capacity Descending Speed Ascending Speed
ton mm ton mm/sec mm/sec
LHS-250 250 1500 x 1200 40 450 350
LHS-500 500 2000 x 1500 80 450 350
LHS-600 600 2000 x 1500 100 450 350
LHS-1500 1500 3000 x 2500 250 450 350
LHS-2000 2000 3050 x 2750 300 450 350
LHS-2500 2500 3500 x 2500 400 450 350
LHS-3000 3000 4000 x 3500 500 450 350
LHS- 3500 or › Please Specify

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