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Precision Perfected: Hydraulic Die Spotting Press & Die Tryout Solutions

LCM Die Spotting Press

Tonnage: 500 ton
Bolster Area: 5000 x 2500 mm

Die Spotting Presses


Lien Chieh offers expert die spotting presses that can be custom built to fit the needs of high precision die spotting. Our die spotting presses are very robust and reliable and can be used for efficient and quick die/mold tryout, to ensure high accuracy and excellent reliability. These presses can be equipped with a 180° slide tilt system, that allows for easy mold or die removal.

The demand for highly accurate and efficient die spotting presses has been steadily increasing due to the growing importance of small batch production runs and high precision mold production, especially in the automotive industry. Furthermore, forming processes have become ever more complex and are using a larger range of materials than before.

For this reason Lien Chieh’s hydraulic die spotting presses offer excellent performance for the break-in and proofing of both new and reconditioned dies. This process is very beneficial as it verifies the accuracy and performance of a die or mold before the start of production, saving on expensive production time.

Lastly all our die spotting presses and die tryout presses, have a wide number of features that can very accurately simulate the actual manufacturing process for high accuracy proofing of dies and molds. They are also very versatile and multi-functional as they can be used for die inspection, small pilot batch production runs and mold finishing.


LCM’s latest hydraulic die spotting presses are available in varying sizes and capacities between 50 and 500tons. Larger custom press sizes are available on request such as this 600 ton die spotting press.

Die Spotting Presses - 600 ton
Tonnage: 600 ton
Bolster Area: 4600 x 2600 mm
Die Spotting Presses - 500 ton
500 ton bolster size 4600mm x 2500mm Hydraulic Die Spotting Press equipped with servo controlled micro-inching system and 180 degree slide tilt system.
Die Spotting Presses - 200 ton Die Spotting Presses - 500 ton
Die Spotting Presses - 300 ton  


Die spotting presses can be used for a variety of applications but are primarily used for the spotting of dies, mold finishing and die inspection. With their versatile applications they can be used for a wide range of different industries, such as the automotive and aerospace industry.

Die Spotting Presses - Application    Die Spotting Presses - Application    Die Spotting Presses - Application    Die Spotting Presses - Application

Die Spotting Presses - Application


Lien Chieh is able to custom manufacture die spotting presses to suit your exact requirements. Lists of commonly selected models are given below.

Model Capacity Bolster Area Descending Speed Ascending Speed Micro Inching
ton mm mm/sec mm/sec mm/push
LDS-50-A 50 1500 x 1200 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-50-B 50 2000 x 1500 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-50-C 50 2500 x 1500 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-100-A 100 3000 x 2000 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-100-B 100 4000 x 2500 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-200 200 4500 x 2500 60 50 0.05~1
LDS-500 500 5000 x 2500 60 50 0.05~1
LDS- 600 or › Please Specify 0.05~1

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