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Hydroforming Press

LCM Hydroforming Press

Tonnage: 2000 ton
Bolster Area: 2500 x 1200 mm

Hydroforming Presses


Hydroforming presses are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to efficiently shape metals such as steel, copper and aluminum into very irregular shapes. With a lot of emphasis on developing innovative products, Lien Chieh’s latest hydroforming presses are very cost-effective and energy-efficient. Hydroforming presses are commonly used in the production of bicycle components, radiator frames, engine mounting brackets, aircraft components and more.

All of our hydroforming presses use computer controlled systems to ensure that the high pressure liquid accurately forms the work pieces time and time again. With a very versatile design and many customization options, these presses can be used for both tube hydroforming and sheet hydroforming applications, depending on the shape of the die used. As all hydraulic presses have a very rigid stress-relieved structure, precision operations are ensured even for the forming of larger objects.

The main benefits of hydroforming presses over other traditional press machines is that by reducing the need for secondary operations and minimizing scraps, material and manufacturing costs are minimized so manufacturers can efficiently and affordably shape complex parts. Also hydroformed parts and components are often much lighter and stronger than traditionally stamped or welded products. Overall hydroforming presses are best suited for producing parts from high-strength steel and aluminum and with recent improvements in technology, multiple operations can be performed at once.


With a range of different sized hydroforming presses available. One popular type for example is this 1,100ton press specialized in the hydroforming of bicycle components.

Hydroforming Presses - 1100 ton
Tonnage: 1100 ton
Bolster Area: 1800 x 1200 mm
Hydroforming Presses - 2000 ton
Hydroforming Presses  


Hydroforming presses can be used for a wide range of applications but are most commonly used for the forming of bicycle components, automotive exhausts, aircraft parts and other irregularly shaped parts. They are also best suited for the forming of steel and aluminum, but can also process brass, copper, carbon and other high strength alloys as well.

Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application

Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application    Hydroforming Presses - Application

Hydroforming Presses - Application

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With the ability to fully customize hydroforming presses, we can create designs in-line with your requirements, as well as give expert consulting advice on how to optimize your production capabilities. Our hydroforming presses typically range from a 1,100ton capacity to over 5,000tons for large applications. Be sure to contact us for more information about our customization options and available auxiliary equipment.

Model Capacity Bolster Area Intensifier Descending Speed Ascending Speed
ton mm bar mm/sec mm/sec
LSHF-1100 1100 1800 x 1200 4000 300 280
LSHF-1200 1200 950 x 850 4000 300 280
LSHF-2000 2000 2500 x 1200 4000 150 150
LSHF-2500 2500 2500 x 2600 4000 350 350
LSHF-3500 3500 2500 x 2600 4000 300 250
LSHF-3500 3500 3300 x 2200 4000 300 300
LSHF-4500 4500 3200 x 2500 4000 210 150
LSHF-5000 5000 4100 x 2400 4000 300 300
LSHF- 5500 or › Please Specify

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